Application Part 1

When I first was introduced to Jamberry Nail Wraps at a friends online Facebook party I was skeptical.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to apply it correctly and I assumed it would be a waste of money.  I didn’t request a sample but I still wanted to try the product so I ended up purchasing 4 sheets with the Buy 3 get 1 deal that Jamberry has going on all the time.

My first application was a disaster.  It lasted 5 days.  Although I was upset that it did not last as long, it lasted a lot longer than any nail polish I have ever put on myself.  It turns out with my first application I did not prep properly and I also had the wrap on parts of my skin which caused it to lift.  I followed up with the Consultant and she helped me troubleshoot.  My next wrap lasted 10 days!

My wraps now last 10-14 days depending on what I am doing.  I am very hard on my hands.  I am a special education teacher, mother of 2 young girls and am guilty of using my nails as tools.  10-14 days without having to pay salon prices or have to take the time away from my crazy schedule to spend in a salon….I was sold and obviously still am over a year later.

Here is the break down of the Jamberry Nail Wrap Sheet:

Value_cost of Jamberry

Now let me know you how easy it is to apply.  I made my own personal video…forgive me they are rough, but I wanted something that I can show my customers that does not waste 5-10 minutes of their time.  I will link the YouTube video and then link you to the Official Jamberry Video.

Naptownjams Video


Official Jamberry Video


If you are interested in purchasing some to try you can find over 300 designs on my Jamberry Website: (for US customers) (for Canada customers) (for Australia customers) (for New Zealand customers)

Want a sample before you buy?  Follow the Sample request at the top of my page!


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